Students Resource was established in May 2010 to help students with the material they required for their study. I am highly grateful to Allah to be able to claim that Students Resource made access to the study material easy, after publishing high quality Revision Guides, Quick and Simplified Notes, Past exam Questions arranged topic wise and designed for perfect practice, Solved and Unsolved both topical and yearly Past Papers for students of O/A levels successfully and now expanding to IGCSE, SAT and IB.
Teachers, parents, as well as students appreciate the quality work of Students Resource, profoundly. I commend the efforts of our senior most authors, designers, illustrators, editors and host of other professions connected with the creating and writing of all the material. O/A level content, being of top quality in the market, are recommended by the qualified educationists in Lahore as well as in Middle East and other countries.
Students Resource books have revolutionary results because of their quality work, lucid expressions, eye catching illustrations and knowledge filled material which is very much helpful for students.
I reaffirm that Students Resource has made education interesting and easy for O/A level students which further gives a sound base of knowledge to the nation builders of the future.
Not only students but any other reader, who wishes to read for the sake of knowledge, will definitely be benefitted by our books. Read More.


We’re one of the Pakistan’s Leading Supplier and Distributor of
Books, Notes, Past Papers and Scientific Calculators.
We’ve built our business choosing Students and Educationists first and going Big on Service, Magnificent Quality with reasonable Prices.

Our Teachers

Tariq Zaman
A Level Chemistry Teacher at Aitchison College Lahore

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