OL 7100 Commerce P1 Topical | 2011-2021 | Sajjad Hyder


Series: OL Commerce 7100 Topical  P1
Compiled By: M. Sajjad Hyder
Details: P1 Topical along with Answer Keys
Syllabus: CAIE 2023 to 2025

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Mr. M. Sajjad Hyder has done his Masters in Business Administration from Punjab University and M. Phil in Business Administration from University of Management and Technology, Lahore.
Mr. Sajjad has been teaching Business Studies and commerce for last 11 years in different schools, like Lahore Grammar School, SISA, Avalon and Musab School System etc.
He has been dealing with a variety of courses in Business at O/A Level, IGCSE for Cambridge and Edexcel Boards as well as IB, CA and ACCA etc. His experience as a teacher is the ideal for Business / Commerce book that covers all the requirements of Cambridge Examinations 2022 and onwards.
I wish him good luck and pray for his success as an author.
Chapter 1: Production
Chapter 2: Retail Trade
Chapter 3: Consumer Credit
Chapter 4: Wholesale Trade
Chapter 5: Documents of Trade
Chapter 6: International Trade
Chapter 7: Advertising
Chapter 8: Communications
Chapter 9: Transport
Chapter 10: Warehousing
Chapter 11: Insurance
Chapter 12: Banking
Chapter 13: The Business Unit
Chapter 14: Finance
Chapter 15: Changing Environment of Commerce
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OL 7100 Commerce P1 Topical | 2011-2021 | Sajjad Hyder