OL 5054 Physics P-2 Topical | 2016-2023 | Abdul Hakeem


Series: Cambridge OL Physics 5054 Topical P-2 | 2012-2021
Syllabus Details: Cambridge OL Physics 5054

Author: Abdul Hakeem

Pattern: Topical Questions with Mark Scheme
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O Level Physics 5054 Topical Paper 2 Theory Paper from 2012 to 2021 Updated by Abdul Hakeem

Topic 1: Motion, Forces and Energy
Topic 1.1: Physical Quantity and Measurement Techniques
Topic 1.2: Motion
Topic 1.3: Mass and Weight
Topic 1.4: Density
Topic 1.5: Forces
Topic 1.5.2: Friction
Topic 1.5.3: Elastic Deformation
Topic 1.5.4: Circular Motion
Topic 1.5.5: Turning Effect of Forces
Topic 1.5.6: Centre of Gravity
Topic 1.7: Energy, Work and Power
Topic 1.7.1: Energy
Topic 1.7.5: Power
Topic 1.8: Pressure
Mark Scheme
Topic 2: Thermal Physics
Topic 2.1: Kinetic Particle Model of Mather
Topic 2.1.1: States of Matter
Topic 2.1.2: Particle Model
Topic 2.2: Thermal Properties and Temperature
Topic 2.2.1: Thermal Expansion of Solids, Liquids and Gases
Topic 2.2.2: Specific Heat Capacity
Topic 2.2.3: Melting, Boiling and Evaporation
Topic 2.3: Transfer of Thermal Energy
Mark Scheme
Topic 3: Waves
Topic 3.1: General Properties of Waves
Topic 3. 2: Light
Topic 3.2.1: Reflection of Light
Topic 3.2.2: Refraction of Light
Topic 3.2.3: Thin Lenses
Topic 3.2.4: Dispersion of Light
Topic 3.3: Electromagnetic Spectrum
Topic 3.4: Sound
Mark Scheme

Topic 4: Electricity and Magnetism
Topic 4.1: Simple Magnetism and Magnetic Fields
Topic 4.2: Electrical Quantities
Topic 4.2.1: Electrical Charge
Topic 4.2.2: Electrical Current
Topic 4.2.3: Electromotive Force and Potential Difference
Topic 4.2.4: Resistance
Topic 4.3: Electric Circuits
Topic 4.3.1: Circuit Diagrams and Circuit Components
Topic 4.3.2: Series and Parallel Circuits
Topic 4.3.3: Action and Use of Circuit Components
Topic 4.4: Practical Electricity
Topic 4.4.1: Uses of Electricity
Topic 4.4.2: Electrical Safety
Topic 4.5: Electromagnetic Effects
Topic 4.5.1: Electromagnetic Induction
Topic 4.5.2: The A.C Generator
Topic 4.5.3: Magnetic Effect of a Current
Topic 4.5.4: Forces on a Current-carrying Conductor
Topic 4.5.5: The D.C Motor
Topic 4.5.6: The Transformer
Topic 4.6: Uses of an Oscilloscope
Mark Scheme
Topic 5: Nuclear Physics
Topic 5.1: The Nuclear Model of the Atom
Topic 5.1.1: The Atom
Topic 5.1.2: The Nucleus
Topic 5.2: Radioactivity
Topic 5.2.3: Radioactive Decay
Topic 5.2.4: Fission and Fusion
Topic 5.2.5: Half-Life
Topic 5.2.6: Safety Precautions
Mark Scheme
Topic 6: Space Physics
Topic 6.2: Stars and the Universe
Mark Scheme

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OL 5054 Physics P-2 Topical | 2016-2023 | Abdul Hakeem