IGCSE 0620 Chemistry P-6 Topical | 2010-2020 | Nouman Ahmad


Series: IGCSE Chemistry Topical Paper 6
Author, Writer: M. NOUMAN AHMAD
Syllabus: Cambridge 2021-2023
Years: June 2010 to June 2020
Code: 0620
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Topic 1 Experimental Techniques
Topic 2 Rate; Change in Volume
Topic 3 Rate; Collection of Gases over Water
Topic 4 Rate; Change in Colour
Topic 5 Rate; Change in Mass
Topic 6 Rate: Change in Concentration
Topic 7 Rate: Change in Temperature
Topic 8 Electrochemistry
Topic 9 Solubility
Topic 10 Identification of Ions and Gas
Topic 11 Acid Base, Titration
Topic 12 Redox Titration
Topic 13 Chromatography
Topic 14 Planning an Experiment
Topic 15 Experimental Analysis

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IGCSE 0620 Chemistry P-6 Topical | 2010-2020 | Nouman Ahmad