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IGCSE 0510 & OL 0500 English Language Notes | Asim Khokhar


Series: ART OF WRITING for English Language for 1123 | 0510 | 0500
Author, Writer: ASIM KHOKHAR
Syllabus: Cambridge 2021-2023
Code: IGCSE 0510/0500 and O Level 1123 Exams
Publisher: Students Resource; 2nd edition (January 1, 2021)
Language: English

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Acquiring perfection in writing inspires every student but a few are able to materialize this dream. Since language acquisition has always been a difficult goal for the learners, similarly, for language practitioners, it remains an uphill task to come up with the most effective methodologies to impart delightful instructions. The Art of Writing has been written to fulfil the gap that remained there for decades to produce a work meeting CAIE requirements with meaningful writing tasks accomplishing students’ and examiners’ requirements. The book is fully aligned with the examiners’ demands. Based upon a pilot study of the book, “it is a must for every learner whether rookie or novice”.
With the passage of time, trends in reading and writing are in decline as literature at O level is less contextual for the students particularly in Asia. As a result, their interest in reading is declining by every passing day. The primary purpose of this book is to evoke the reading and writing interest of the students through contextual essays which are meaningful for the students and teachers. These essays can work as rubrics for students to align their writing for GCE and IGCSE CAIE examinations.

The Art of Writing English is a milestone achievement in producing meaningful essays and directed writing for the students which were missing direly over the years. Students were looking for literature embedded in local context. Being a language practioner, I realized during my teaching experience that students have lost their interest in reading and writing as they find less literature relevant to the local context which is relatable. Another problem was that most of the students were found losing their interest in reading essays avalaible in the market as the language used in the books is less friendly and the stories therein are alien to the problems they face in their daily life. What else was found missing is afriendly and cotextual vocabulary alongwith meaningful expressions. Moreover, students are least fimiliar with different styles of writing stories.

The book’s design facilitates students’ problems. Before its launch, it has been piloted over more than three hundered students, teachers, heads of schools and parents who regarded the book as something eminently missing for a long time. Their acknowledgement remained a source of motivation to produce this meaningful work which I believe would spark the art of writing in the students.

Another hall mark of this book is the contribution of the students in the form of essays and directed writing. Believing in an inclusive approach, I wanted to pool in students essays and other meaningful writings to give this book an inspirational outlook to those who want be a part of this book.

The book has been designed to meet cambridge examiners requirements. Some of the essays and directed wrtiting have been sent to teachers of renowned O/A level schools who found them highly meaningful meeting all Cambridge International Examination requirements.

I am sure, the book will make its place in your bookshelves as soon as you start reading any of its page as it talks about you and your problems while appearing for CAIE.

Mr. Muhammad Asim Khokhar the author of The Art of Writing is a teacher, a mentor, a motivational speaker and a life coach. He has earned his M.phil (coursework) in TESL from Beaconhouse National University, M.Sc in Govt. and Public Policy from National Defence University Islamabad and M.A English Literature from University of the Punjab. In order to embed all his learning into delightful teaching, he pursued his B.Ed. from AIOU Islamabad and D.A.E in Computer and Information Tech from Govt. College of Technology. In addition, he is a certified Edexcel Trainer and has facilitated many teachers training programs.
Mr. Muhammad Asim Khokhar has been a part of various institutions such as The City School, Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Al- Reeyada International School KSA, Lahore Grammar School and Roots Millennium FWS Lahore. He is brimmed with a vast experience of teaching GCE/IGCSE curriculums at national and international level. Considering learning is out dated if not operationalized, he has been teaching courses such as Global Perspectives, EFL/ESL and O Level English with remarkable results. His outlook on teaching has earned him a lot of respect amongst his students.

M.Phil English Language Teaching Beaconhouse National University
M.A English University of the Punjab
M.Sc Govt. and Public Policy National Defence University Islamabad
D.A.E Computer and Information Tech Govt. College of Technology Raiwind Road Lahore
B.Ed Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad
Certified Trainer Edexcel UK

The City School
Beaconhouse Defence Campus
Al Reeyada International School KSA
Lahore Grammar School Phase V
Roots Millennium FWS Phase VI
Ali Institute of Education (Resource Person)

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IGCSE 0510 & OL 0500 English Language Notes | Asim Khokhar