A Level Physics 9702 Notes (A2) | Abdul Hakeem


Series: Al Physics Notes (A2)

Author, Editor: ABDUL HAKEEM
Illustrator: Sajid Ali
Edition: 3rd Edition (January 2020)
Pattern: Notes for Cambridge A2 Level Syllabus
Syllabus: Cambridge 2021

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Language: English

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Chapter 1 Motion in Circle
Chapter 2 Gravitational Field
Chapter 3 Ideal Gases
Chapter 4 Temperature
Chapter 5 Thermal Properties of Material
Chapter 6 Oscillation
Chapter 7 Ultrasound
Chapter 8 Communication
Chapter 9 Electric Fields
Chapter 10 Capacitance
Chapter 11 Electronic Sensor & Electronics
Chapter 12 Magnetic Fields
Chapter 13 Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 14 Alternating Current
Chapter 15 Quantum Physics
Chapter 16 Nuclear Physics

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A Level Physics 9702 Notes (A2) | Abdul Hakeem