O Level Islamiyat 2058 & 0493 Topical Paper 2 with Mark Scheme 2009-2021


O Level Islamiyat Topical Workbook
Topical Paper 2 Answer Space Edition
2058 and 0493 Papers with Mark Scheme
Arranged by Azam Siddique (BTSC, Brick School DHA, LGS)
from June 2009 to November 2020 All Variants
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Paper 2
Introduction Paper 2
Topic 1: Major Teachings in the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (S)
1.1 Individual Conduct
1.2 Life in Community

Topic 2: The History and Importance of the Ahadiths
Topic 3: Rightly Guided Caliphs & their importance as leader

Topic 4: 4.1 The Articles of Faith
4.1.1 Tauheed (Oneness)
4.1.2 Belief in angels
4.1.3 Belief in revealed Books
4.1.4 Belief in Prophethood
4.1.5 Belief in Life after death
4.1.6 Belief in Allah’s predestination and Decree
4.1.7 Jihad
Miscellaneous Questions (Articles of Faith

4.2: Five Pillars of Islam
4.2.1 Shahadah
4.2.2 Prayer
4.2.3 Saum (Fasting)
4.2.4 Zakat
4.2.5 Hajj
Miscellaneous Questions (Pillars of Islam)


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