O Level 5090 Biology Paper 4 Topical 2009-2022 | with Mark Scheme | Iram Habib Malik


Series: O Level Biology 5090 Topical Series
Paper: Alternative to Practical Paper 6 (ATP)
Details: Paper 6 Topical Questions with Mark Scheme
Years Range: from June 2009 to June 2020 | All Variants

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Chapter 1: Cells
1.1: Cell structure and function
Chapter 2: Classification
2.1: Concept and use of a classification system
Chapter 3: Movement into and Out of Cells
3.1: Diffusion and osmosis
Chapter 4: Biological Molecules
4.1: Biological molecules
Chapter 5: Enzymes
5.1: Enzyme action
5.2: Effects of temperature and PH 92
Chapter 6: Plant Nutrition
6.1: Photosynthesis
6.2: Leaf Structure
6.3: Mineral Nutrition
Chapter 7: Transport in Flowering Plants
7.1: Uptake and transport of water and ions
7.2: Transpiration and translocation
Chapter 8: Human Nutrition
8.1: Diet
8.2: Human digestive system
Chapter 9: Human Gas Exchange
9.1: Human Gas Exchange
Chapter 10: Respiration
10.1: Respiration
10.3: Anaerobic Respiration
Chapter 11: Transport in Humans
11.2: Heart
11.4: Blood
Chapter 12: Disease and Immunity
12.1: Disease
Chapter 13: Excretion
13.1: Excretion
Chapter 14: Coordination and Control
14.2: Mammalian Sense Organs
14.5: Temperature Control
Chapter 16: Development of Organisms and Continuity of Life
16.2: Asexual and Sexual Reproduction
16.3: Sexual Reproduction in Plants
16.4: Sexual Reproduction in Humans

Chapter 18: Biotechnology and Genetic Modification
18.1: Biotechnology
Chapter 19: Relationships of Organisms with One another and with the Environment
19.3: Ecosystems and biodiversity
19.4: Effects of humans on ecosystems


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