A Level Economics 9708 Paper 4 Topical with Mark Scheme | 2002-2022 | Syllabus 2023-2025 | Saeed Afzal


Series: 9708 A2 Economics Topical Paper 4 with Mark Scheme
Years Range: 2002-2022 All Variants
Pattern: Topic-wise Questions with Mark Scheme
Paperback: 492 pages
Publisher: Students Resource Airport Road
Compiler: Saeed Afzal
Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 1.25 x 10.9 inches
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Content: A2 Economics P4 Topical

1 Consumer Behaviour Analysis 5
2 Theory of Production and Cost 37
3 Market Structure (Perfect and Imperfect Markets) 51
  3.1 Significance of MC, AVC, ATC, TFC, TVC, LATC for profit maximising firm 52
  3.2 Price and output determination in perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, Oligopoly (Short-run and Long-run), Game Theory 57
  3.3 Objectives of Firms, Principal Agent Problem 80
  3.4 Price Discrimination 89
  3.5 Contestable Market 93
4 Economic Efficiency, Market Failure, Government Failure, Government Interventions, Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) 95
5 Labour Market 129
  5.1 Wage Determination in Perfect and Imperfect Markets 130
  5.2 Wage Inequalities, Wage Differentials 151
  5.3 Role of Trade Union in Wage Determination 163
6 Inequalities and Policies to make Distribution of Income Equal 171
7 Economic Growth and Economic Development 177
  7.1 Indicators of living standard 178
  7.2 Factors, causes and effects of economic growth and developments 197
  7.3 Features, Problems & Characteristics of Developing & Developed Countries 211
  7.4 Government Policies to Promote Economic Growth and Development 225
8 Classical and Keynesians Theory of Income and Employment (2,3 & 4 Sectors) 235
  8.1 Determination of Equilibrium level of National Income, Multiplier and Accelerator. Inflationary and Deflationary Gaps 236
  8.2 Determinants of investment. Paradox of thrift 249
9 Determination of Interest Rate 255
  9.1 Liquidity Preference Theory. Loanable fund theory 256
  9.2 Functions & Characteristics of Money Specialization, Division of Labour 269
10 Macroeconomic Problems, Objectives and Policies 273
  10.1 Structure & use of Fiscal, Monetary & Supply-side Policies, Money & Banking. Laffer Curve, Philips Curve 274
  10.2 Macroeconomic aims and conflict in Aims 297
11 Unemployment 315
  11.1 Causes, Types, Effects and measurement of unemployment. Polices to reduce unemployment 316
12 Balance of Payment (BoP) 327
  12.1 Structure of BoP Account 328
  12.2 Causes of BoP Disequilibrium (BoP Deficit), (BoP Surplus) 329
  12.3 Effects of BoP Deficit or Surplus 331
  12.4 Government Policies to Correct BoP Deficit (Devaluation and Overvaluation) 332
13 Exchange Rates 339
  13.1 Determination of Exchange Rate (ER) 340
  13.2 Types, Fixed ER, Managed Floating ER. (A2), Flexible ER. (AS) 341
  13.3 Effects of Devaluation and Overvaluation of Currency 348
14 Data Response 351
A. Micro Economics 352
B. Macro Economics 407
Cambridge Specimen Paper 2 for 2023-2025 Exams 481



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