A Level Computer Science 9618 Paper 3 Topical (2022-24 Syllabus)


Series: A Level Computer Science 9618 Paper 3 Topical with Complete Solution
Syllabus: Cambridge AS New 2021-2023 Syllabus
Pattern: Questions with Mark Scheme arranged Topical Wise
Compiled by: Ali Akram (Bahria Town College Campus)
from June 2015 to November 2020 | All Variants
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13 Data Representation
13.1 User-defined data types
13.2 File organisation and access
13.3 Floating-point numbers, representation and
14 Communication and internet technologies
14.1 Protocols
14.2 Circuit switching, packet switching
15 Hardware and Virtual Machines
15.1 Processers, Parallel Processing and Virtual Machines
15.2 Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits
16 System Software
16.1 Purposes of an Operating System (OS)
16.2 Translation Software
17 Security
17.1 Encryption, Encryption Protocols and Digital certificates
18 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
18.1 Artificial Intelligence
19 Computational thinking and problem solving 19.1 Algorithms
19.2 Recursion
20 Further Programming
20.1 Programming Paradigms
20.2 File Processing and Exception Handling


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