A Level Chemistry 9701 Paper 2 Topical (News Paper Edition)


Syllabus: Cambridge AS Chemistry 2021-2022 Syllabus
Publisher: Students Resource Airport Road
Perfect Paperback: 620 pages (75gram paper with Gum Bind)
Years Range: 2002-2018 All Variants (A bank of 1400 MCQs)
Patter: Questions with Answers arranged Topic wise
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Shipping Weight: 1kg
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Topic 1: Atoms, Molecules and Stoichiometry
Topic 2: Atomic Structure
Topic 3: Chemical Bonding
Topic 4: States of Matter
Topic 5: Chemical Energetics
Topic 6: Electrochemistry
Topic 7: Equilibria
Topic 8: Reaction Kinetics
Topic 9: The Periodic Table: Chemistry Periodicity
Topic 10: Group II
Topic 11: Group 17
Topic 13: Nitrogen and Sulfur
Topic 14: An Introduction to: Organic Chemistry
Topic 15: Hydrocarbons
Topic 16: Halogen Derivatives
Topic 17: Hydroxy Compounds
Topic 18: Carbonyl Compounds
Topic 19: Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives


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