O Level Economics Notes by Amina Imtiaz


O Level Economics Notes by Amina Imtiaz from 2019-20

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    1. The Economic Problem.
    2. The Language Of Economics.
    3. Economic Systems.
    4. Production.
    5. Types of Business Organization.
    6. The Finance And Growth Of Firm.
    7. The Location And Structure Of Industry.
    8. How Prices Are Decided.
    9. Social Cost And Benefits.
    10. How Firms Behave And The Interest Of Consumers.
    11. The Labour Market.
    12. How The Economy Works.

Macro Economic Problems (1):

    1. Inflation, Unemployment &Economic Growth.

Macroeconomic Problem (2)

  1. International Trade.
  2. Controlling the Macro economy.
  3. How is government financed?
  4. The distribution of income.
  5. The European economy.
  6. The role of money.
  7. Population


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