Erica L. Meltzer’s The Complete Guide to ACT Reading

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Author: Erica Meltzer
Publisher: Critical Reader, The; Three edition (July 26, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1496126750
ISBN-13: 9781496126757
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Contrary to popular belief, ACT Reading is not simply a test of speed but also one of logic and reasoning. The Complete Guide to ACT® Reading combines fundamentals of comprehension with test-taking techniques to explain how to maximize your score.
• extensive strategies for managing time while improving comprehension, whether you’re just making it through all four passages or struggling to finish three.
• a complete chapter devoted to each type of question, including literal comprehension, main idea, inference, tone and attitude, and point of view.
• a discussion of common passage themes and answer choice patterns, with tips for recognizing correct and incorrect answers more quickly and easily.
• examples from The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2018, demonstrating how to apply specific strategies to actual exam questions.
• two complete practice tests with thorough explanations that reinforce the concepts and strategies presented throughout the book.

Designed to debunk the myth that the ACT Reading Comprehension test cannot be approached strategically, this book presents material useful for students at a wide range of score levels.


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