O Level Chemistry 5070 Paper 1



  1. O Level
  2. Topical MCQs
  3. Written by Muhammad Saqib
  4. 2002 to 2019

O Level Chemistry 5070 Paper 1 Topical MCQs from 2002 to 2019 (Updated) All Variants with Answer Keys by Muhammad Saqib

Topic Details:

Unit 1 Experimental Design

Unit 2 Methods of Purification and Analysis

Unit 3 Structure of Atom and Periodic Table

Unit 4 States of Matter

Unit 5 Chemical Bonding, Structure and Properties

Unit 6 Relative Mass Chemical Formulae

Unit 7 Mole and Stoichiometry

Unit 8 Extraction, Properties and Uses of Metals

Unit 9 Acid, Bases and Salts

Unit 10 Ammonia and Sulfuric Acid

Unit 11 Identification of Ions and Gases

Unit 12 Oxides and Redox Reactions

Unit 13 Electrolysis

Unit 14 Energy from Chemical Reactions

Unit 15 The Atmosphere and Fuels

Unit 16 Alkanes and Alkenes

Unit 17 Alcohol and Organic Acids

Unit 18 Macromolecules


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