IGCSE Biology Quick Revision Notes



  1. IGCSE
  2. Latest CAIE Syllabus 20120-21
  3. Written by Muhammad Umair
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IGCSE Biology Quick Revision Notes According to Latest CAIE Syllabus 2020-21 by Muhammad Umair

1- Characteristics and classification of living organisms
2- Organization of the organism
3- Movement in and out of cells
4- Biological molecules
5- Enzymes
6- Plant nutrition
7- Human nutrition
8- Transport in plants
9- Transport in animals
10- Diseases and immunity
11- Gas exchange in humans
12- Respiration
13- Excretion in humans
14- Coordination and response
15- Drugs
16- Reproduction
17- Inheritance
18- Variation and selection
19- Organisms and their environment
20- Biotechnology and genetic engineering
21- Human influence on ecosystems


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