A Level Physics 9702 Paper 5 Solved 3rd Edition by A. N. Chowhan 2020


Generic mark scheme of planning question
1.1 Rules for defining the problem
1.2 Rules for method of data collection
1.3 Rules for describing method of data analysis
1.4 Rules for safety considerations
1.5 Additional detail marks
1.6 Some important electrical components and their circuit symbols
Solved planning questions
Generic mark scheme of analysis, conclusions and evaluation question
2.1 Determining expressions for gradient and y-intercept from a linear equation
2.2 Properties of logarithm
2.3 Rules for writing column headings
2.4 Rules for determining number of significant figures and decimal places
2.5 Rules for rounding off calculated quantities
2.6 Rules for determining absolute and percentage uncertainties
2.7 Rules for stating calculated quantities with their absolute uncertainties
2.8 Rules for plotting points and drawing error bars
2.9 Rules for drawing line of best fit and worst-acceptable line
2.10 Determining gradient and uncertainty in gradient from graph
2.11 Determining y-intercept and uncertainty in y-intercept from graph
Mark scheme and answers

Paper 5 consists of two questions (each carrying 15 marks) and the time duration of this paper is 1 hour and 15 minutes.
The examination paper does not require laboratory facilities.
The first question is the planning question, in which candidates are required to design an experimental investigation of a given problem, and answer the question with a labelled diagram and an extended piece of writing.
The second question is the analysis, conclusions and evaluation question, in which candidates are given an equation and some experimental data. From these they are required to determine the values for different constants. They are also required to estimate the uncertainties in their answers.
Some questions on this paper may be set in areas of Physics that are difficult to investigate experimentally in school laboratories, but no question requires prior knowledge of theory or equipment that is beyond the syllabus: candidates are given all the information that they need.
Note: Average score in this paper to secure A grade is 21 (out of 30).

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