As we all know that in every examination we consult the hints and past papers for selected study. Because it is the fact that some papers are mostly similar to the past ones. When we want to get hints about the questions, paper pattern(includes marks allocation in the exam), and some other aspects we all refer to those people who have passed that exam or rather we go for the past papers for the help. Not the exact paper but the past paper give us the right direction for study. Mostly when the course is much and we have no time to study all of it we refer to the past papers. Like in many international examinations like IGCSE

(International general certificate of secondary education), O/A levels, SAT, IELTS, and ACT (AMERICAN COLLEGE TESTING) there is a great importance of past papers. We can also consult past papers while learning; as they provide us the key idea to the questioning sense used in the paper.

In these examinations, past papers provide us a key role in the revision process. When we use past papers we come to know our shortcomings. They tell us whether the topic we have learned so far is clear to our mind or not. They also help students in many ways like building good vocabulary. When we go through all of these past papers our vocabulary increases to some extent. They are very important in exams like “IELTS” where the English language and vocabulary are of great importance. Our grammatical expertise is excelled. They give us many hands-on experiences to learn, speak, and write the English language. We also come to know that how the examiners use tricks in different questions for swindling students. By reading past papers we come to know the type of questions coming and which type of questions are important according to the exam point of view. In the above-mentioned exams, one thing for getting good grades is time management. We have allotted periods in which we have to complete it; for example, the allotted time for “ILETS” is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Hence if we practice the past papers we gain much greater speed to solve the examination. All in all, we get time management from these past papers.

The web pages are rushed with the past papers of these exams like SAT, ACT, and IELTS, etc. Many students have got good grades by studying past papers. There are many success stories of the students who have got a good score in these exams by taking help from past papers. These past papers are very helpful in planning our exams like when we read some question that is coming from past years in many past papers we come to know its importance and we plan our paper by expecting that particular question to come in our exam also. As a result, we are planning our paper. Some times past exams help us to clear our doubts. Past papers help to give a comprehensive answer to the question asked; because we come to know the sense in which the question is being asked. As a result, we will give a precise answer to that question. While studying and going through the past papers we are doing the strategic planning that which topics are important and necessary for the exam point of view.

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the test of English language proficiency and speaking skills. It is done by those students who want to go abroad and study in those states where the English language is primarily spoken. We all know that while reading past papers we get significantly help for speaking, learning, and writing English language skills.

The ACT (the American college test) is the test for getting admission into colleges in foreign countries. This test includes subjects like Math, Science, and English, reading, and writing skills. We can get all these skills by reading past papers; as for math exam we can get help in different formulas, for science we can get important topics from past exams, for English we can get good grammar and vocabulary from past papers and for reading and writing skill the past papers provide a key role but the thing required is to study them thoroughly so that to get a hands-on experience to reading and writing skills.

The IGCSE (international general certificate of secondary education) is the test to meet the internationally recognized university requirements. Many universities require 14-16 years of studies and IGCSE for their entry requirement. It is the most popular and recognized test with many well-known institutes Worldwide. It is composed of English proficiency and learning and applying concepts. Hence if we don’t consult the past papers it is very hard to score well in these exams because we don’t know at first where to start and what to learn. In this exam, the importance of past papers has great importance because if we don’t know the concepts and topics required and the type of question asked in these types of exams we do a big mistake.

The SAT is the test that is required at the affiliate institutes abroad like the ACT. The specific time is allotted in this exam: 3hours and 50 minutes for Essay. By past paper, we get well aware of how to manage time? What type of questions are asked?

There are two sections of SAT including Math and writing and reading. All these we have discussed earlier how the past papers help in getting good reading and writing skills. These papers also help us in getting the difficulty levels of Math questions asked in this exam.

All in all these past exams helps us in getting the starting boost and the first step from where we can start the preparations for these exams and consequently get excellent scores. By knowing all of the above paragraphs we can’t avoid the importance of past papers in these exams!

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