Coursework of any kind requires dedication, effort and time. In order to ensure that students get a good grade for coursework they need to apply themselves and be prepared for the grueling work load which comes with coursework. As there is much theoretical and practical elements to coursework it is important that students ensure that they do a good job. Many however, are not proficient with what they should do when doing GCSE coursework. In instances such as these few well written GCSE coursework examples can come to the student’s rescue by providing and idea of how to approach the coursework task and what it should contain.

What is GCSE Coursework?

The General Certificate of Secondary Education is a certificate provided to students living in countries such as Wales, England and Northern Ireland. Students who complete form 5 and at the age group of 14 to 16 select certain subjects and take the exam. The GCSE curriculum now combines coursework and examinations to facilitate those students who find exam condition too stressful and unable to score well in them. Most coursework account for 30% of the overall grade while it may go up to 40% in some subjects. Therefore, students must ensure that they treat the coursework assignments with equal importance as the GCSE examinations itself.

As coursework requires students to submit written academic papers, it is important to gain a proper knowledge of writing them effectively. Different coursework has different ways of writing. For example, writing a geography coursework paper is different from writing an English coursework. Many students find the writing aspect of their coursework challenging as they need to combine many skills in to producing a well written academic paper. By going through a few GCSE coursework examples students are able to;

  • obtain new and innovative ideas as to how to write their coursework
  • learn the many types of formats which are to be adhered
  • obtain information on certain subjects
  • Have an understanding of the standard of writing, analysis and evidence inclusion
  • learn how to organize their coursework papers logically and cohesively

Apart from these benefits, by going through a few examples students will be able to kick start their own creativity and ideas that can help come up with a proper coursework.

Obtaining Examples of GCSE Coursework

Coursework examples of GCSE can be found online through many online academic writing services. These writing services provide coursework examples which have been written by professionals and as a result students are guaranteed that the examples they download are authentic and are written accordingly. Many students will find examples useful as it provides direction with the students’ own work and guide them on the approach to be taken in handling coursework.

GCSE coursework is an important aspect of students’ lives. Passing them well lays the foundation to progress on to higher levels of academic studies as A Level or Baccalaureate certifications. By referring to GCSE examples, students can make their own coursework more effective and geared towards the coursework requirements.


Source by Shayane Johns