Law of Contract

Law of Contract

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What makes this book unique?
1. Detailed lecture on the topic as per up-to-date syllabus of Cambridge International Examination (CIE).
2. Syllabus contents are given in the start of each lecture.
3. Special lecture added on “Introduction to Law of Contract” for the students to  understand its basics.
4. Written in an easy and understandable legal language.
5. Case laws are given within each lecture as well as table of cases which are given at its end.
6. Questions from past papers in each lecture are also given at the end of the lecture
7. Activities are included to enhance legal reasoning while keeping in view the section B of the question paper as well as the Class activity is given at the end of each lecture with the purpose to enhance the ability of the students to analyse and evaluate legal materials, situations and issues.
8. Answer in the outlines is given for each lecture for concise approach towards each topic according to the exam guidelines of CIE.
9. Specimen answers of each lecture are given at the end of the lecture by keeping in view the directions of CIE examiners.
10. Exam guidelines are written specifically for students, in order to help them understand how to interpret the key words used by the examiners in the past papers while attempting the essay-type and scenario based questions.
11. Special guidelines for revision and examination have also been included.

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